Misc. Media


A cellist and a violinist accompany me on guitar and vocals, making for an unconventional hip-hop string trio.

Lecture flyer

Before the talking, a picture.

Itty bitty interactive art experiment in JavaScript

The code for this project is not hosted on a server, but rather embedded in the link itself using the itty bitty site project.

show me the colors!

Radio Interview

2018 interview on Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning programme.


Concrete casting of poem titled "research" in sidewalk entry to Evanston Pulic Library.


Wit and troubles.

Radio Interview

2011 Radio interview about Wikileaks.


A pyramid I designed in the 1990s was republished on pp. 15-17 of this 2012 instructional book. Images of my paper sculptures from the '90s also appear in Origamidò„: The art of folded paper (2000) by the same author, Michael G. Lafosse.