Newspaper Work 2004-2007
(The Cambodia Daily)

Many archived newspaper articles written in Cambodia from 2004 - 2007

"What color is Obama? These researchers examined reactions when his skin looks darker"
(Washington Post)

Co-authored with Solomon Messing. Did the 2008 John McCain campaign deliberately manipulate the color of Barack Obama's skin in TV ads, trying to evoke racial biases? Several major media outlets have made this allegation in stories about our recent research. If true, this would be further evidence that American political campaigns have, as some observers allege, long been making subtle but intentional appeals to racism.

"How the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine are playing out across women's bodies"
( aka Quartz)

The term "propaganda" has been deployed throughout news media covering conflict in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip as asymmetrical invective so that propaganda is—from whichever vantage point—simply what the other guy says. Russian media accuse America of reductively demonizing Putin while American media accuse Russia of baldly lying to its own citizens...

"Cambodian boy gains new life after surgery"
(Boston Globe)

"You're a potato-head," 5-year-old Roth Arun repeatedly said to his foster mother with a mischievous smile...